Our vision: working together to bring the greatest enjoyment alive!

As a market leader in the area of innovative and functional finished and semi-finished products in the food and beverage sector, we have long-standing expertise and conceive of ourselves not just as a producer, but also as a competent service provider for our commercial and industrial customers.

In all of our business segments, we offer comprehensive service from a single source for your private-label products or your own brands. You can use any or all of our various service elements: from initial consulting, to conception and development, right through to the production, packaging, and delivery of the widest-ranging foods and beverages.

We will be happy to provide our knowledge and expertise to you on a modular basis. Don’t hesitate to ask us about the realization of integrated product concepts or the implementation of component solutions, completely according to your specific wishes and needs.

We offer:

  • Consulting and analysis
  • Examination of technical feasibility
  • Development of customized products
  • Examination of legal admissibility
  • Development of precisely tailored packaging
  • Production of desired quantities
  • Efficient manufacturing incl. continuous internal and external quality assurance
  • Coordinated logistics systems
  • Marketing support and additional services

Our team of competent and experienced specialists works closely with our customers to thoroughly understand their needs and help them achieve their goals.

In our internationally located plants, all required steps are carried out using modern production systems and advanced technologies, and always to the highest quality standards. Our customers in the national and international retail and B2B markets have known and valued this for decades.

We will be glad to support you, too, on a collaborative basis through the complete process.


Our competencies in the private label and co-manufacturing areas attract prominent industrial companies and trade customers who commission us with the manufacturing of their branded and private-label products in our plants.
We supply our international customers from a broad portfolio in the food and beverage sector.


Companies are faced with ever-growing challenges. An increasing number of their tasks can only be solved jointly, in strong partnerships and networks of specialists.

We are innovative and open to new ideas. Our insights into consumer trends and market research data enable us to create successful branded and private-label product ranges for you. For us, close cooperation as a partner to our customers is a matter of course. In collaboration with you, we can bring all of our strengths into play—to achieve the results that best ensure your success.

Contact our sales teams!


Our broad product portfolio stands for the highest quality. At our in-house research and development centers, we lay the groundwork for innovations. Here, our employees develop product concepts for your individualized products—entirely in keeping with your ideas and always with a view to the latest market trends and developments.

We develop completely customized private-label and branded products on the basis of recipes and formulas that we develop specially for you, and the feasibility of which we examine from the outset. We of course will gladly work jointly with you to optimize existing formulas in order to consistently ensure the highest product quality.


To be able to evaluate the quality of the formulas, we produce test designs for you. In addition, you receive from us all quality-relevant documentation for purposes such as product registration.

Each company in our Group sees itself first as a customer-oriented service provider—and only then as a producer—working hand in hand with our partners, as well as with all subsidiaries of the Group.

In many of our product groups, this affords you the benefit of our vertical value chain. Through our own sustainable process of securing raw materials—for milk and cocoa, their processing into semi-finished products, and finally into chocolate and other milk-based products—we guarantee consistent quality and a steady supply.

Production and quality

Both the formula and the manufacturing process are decisive in making our high-quality products. Our factories employ the most modern and efficient production techniques available. Our production and packaging plants ensure that we are able to meet the strictest demands and obtain the relevant certifications for the various product groups, packaging types, and formulas.

We work according to stringent safety and hygiene regulations. Regular hygiene controls, 

employee trainings, and inspections in the context of internal and external audits contribute to this. In addition, we continuously monitor our production processes and our maintenance of customer requirements, and we coordinate the testing of the products for their characteristics of stability, microbiology, etc.

Our quality assurance is regularly confirmed by numerous independent, external certifications such as the International Featured Standard (IFS) Food and the British Retail Consortium (BRC).


The packaging you use is an essential part of your communication with your end customers. In addition to protecting your products, it determines the haptic and visual qualities that contribute substantially to their success.

In consultation with you, we can provide you with the full range of post-production services you need, from packaging to shipping logistics—all from a single source. All of the packaging that we use meets the applicable food regulatory requirements and pharmaceutical standards. We will be happy to advise you as to which types and sizes of packaging are best suited to your products and their position on the store shelves. 


Krüger GmbH & Co. KG

Senefelderstraße 44
51469 Bergisch Gladbach

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