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Data protection statement and information for data subjects according to Art. 13, 14 EU GDPR

Krüger GmbH & Co. KG attaches great importance to the protection of your personal data. The collection and processing of your personal data is therefore carried out by our company exclusively within the framework of data protection regulations. On this page we inform you about the collection and processing of your personal data in accordance with Art. 13, 14 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).

Responsible for the data processing:

Krüger GmbH & Co. KG
Senefelderstraße 44
51469 Bergisch Gladbach
T: +49 2202 105-0
F: +49 2202 105-150

Our data protection officer is:
Dr. Jan-Peter Ohrtmann
PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal AG Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft
Moskauer Straße 19
40227 Düsseldorf
T: +49 211 9812572

When you visit this website and use the various services, we process your personal data as described in detail below.

When operating the website, we work together with an external service provider that we have carefully selected and who is committed to complying with data protection laws.

Table of contents
1.    Cookies    
a)    Session cookies    
b)    Langzeit cookies    
2.    Server log files  
3.    Adobe Typekit / Google WebFonts    
4.    Making contact and customer complaints: Form and email function
5.    Data protection
6.    Rights of data subjects

1. Cookies
Every time you visit our website, we use cookies, i.e., small text files that are stored in your browser.

a) Session cookies
Some of these are session cookies, which remain until you close all browser windows. We need these session cookies so that we can process your requests on our website and direct you to the various sub-pages. We have a legitimate interest in this, as otherwise we would not be able to offer our website in its current functionality this way (Art. 6 I 1 f EU GDPR). We have also used a technical cookie for Google Maps as a session cookie. Without this, we would not be able to show you our company location. Furthermore, we use a session cookie in the My Enjoyment area. The use of these cookies is in our legitimate interest according to Art. 6 I 1 f EU GDPR. If you do not wish to use cookies, you can block the use of cookies in your browser settings. You can still visit our website, but you cannot use it in the same way.

b) Persistent cookies
We also use the following persistent cookies, which enable us to make our website more user-friendly if you have consented to them: 

  • Persistente Cookies
    Google Analytics: _ga 2 years
    Google Analytics: _gid 24 hours
    Google Analytics: _gat 10 minutes

These cookies remain on your device and enable us to recognize your browser on your next visit (persistent cookies), so that, for example, default settings are retained. Persistent cookies are automatically deleted after a specified period of time, which varies depending on the cookie and is specified above. The use of persistent cookies makes it possible to recognize you when you visit our website again. These cookies enable recognition to optimize the content of our website. 

You are free to decide whether you allow persistent cookies with a duration of 6 months or 12 months. Cookie information over a longer period of time helps us to optimize our website over the long term and to provide targeted content and user information. We can then, for example, also recognize that you have visited our website before and your preferred settings are automatically displayed again during the term of the persistent cookie chosen by you. This information is then also used for longer-term statistical analysis. 

The use of cookies for up to 6 months / 1 year is in our legitimate interest for a website that is as user-friendly as possible (Art. 6 I 1 f EU GDPR); we only use persistent cookies if you have explicitly consented to them (Art. 6 I 1 a EU GDPR). The granting of consent is voluntary. You can also use the website without the above-mentioned cookies, but then it may not be as user-friendly. You can prevent the use of the cookies described above by clicking [HERE].

2.    Server log files
In addition, your browser transmits access data, called server log files, with every website visit, which we process in order to guarantee system security and also to compile usage statistics. In particular, the time of the request of your visit, the page from which you are visiting us (referrer.URL), the sub-pages visited, your IP address, the data volume and the browser you are using are transmitted to us. This data is needed to ensure system security, e.g. to identify and block an attacker in the event of a hacker attack. This is in our overriding, legitimate interest (Art. 6 I 1 f EU GDPR). This data also allows an evaluation for statistical purposes (scope of use and user behavior, e.g. total number of visits to our website in one month and in relation to various sub-pages), which we use to optimize the design of the website; however, this is anonymized by abbreviating the IP address.

3. Adobe Typekit / Google WebFonts
Our website uses Google WebFonts, a service provided to us by Google, Inc. This service enables us to provide you with a consistent, visually appealing presentation of our website using the font library it contains. This is done by loading the fonts used on this website via the browser you use and then displaying them.

According to our information, the browser you use establishes a connection to the servers of our service provider for this purpose and information is collected that our website was accessed from the IP address used by you. It is possible that your IP address is also transmitted to the USA. The certification of our service provider under the EU-US Privacy Shield ensures an adequate level of data protection (list available at

Having a consistent and visually appealing design of our website is in our overriding, legitimate interest (Art. 6 I 1 f EU GDPR). No user analysis is carried out, nor is a user profile created; your IP address is used exclusively for the targeted transmission of fonts.

Information about the third-party provider Google zu WebFonts:

4. Contact: Via email 

We offer you the option of contacting us directly via email. You will find the email address below the contact form. It is We have no influence on the data processing done by your provider’s email program.

We use the information you send us via the contact form or email exclusively to process your request; we delete this information as soon as the communication is completed, unless legal storage obligations require storage. We need your IP address and the time when you used the contact form for security reasons; this enables us to identify automated access and hacker attacks and exclude them from regaining access. This processing of the information you send us is in our legitimate interest (Art. 6 I 1 f EU GDPR).

5. Data protection 
In order to protect your personal data in the best possible way, we use SSL encryption (https standard) for technical and organizational security measures, which are also adapted to the current state of technology in line with the risks involved.

6. Rights of data subjects 
As far as personal data is used which refers to you as a natural person, you are entitled to various data protection claims against us. In accordance with §34 BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act), Art. 15 EU GDPR you have the right to information about the data stored about you and its origin, the recipients or categories of recipients who the data is passed on to and the purpose of the storage.

In addition, you may be entitled to correction, deletion or restriction (of processing) of your personal data in accordance with §35 BDSG, Art. 16–18 EU GDPR. You can also request the transfer of the data to another responsible body in accordance with Art. 20 EU GDPR.

You can also object to the further processing of your data if we process your data on the basis of a legitimate interest (Art. 6 I 1 f EU GDPR). If we do not process your data for advertising purposes, this requires a reason arising from your particular situation. In the event of an objection, we will no longer process your personal data from the time of receipt during the subsequent examination and – if the objection is justified – delete it after the examination is completed (§36 BDSG, Art. 21 EU GDPR).

You can revoke any consent you have given us for data processing (Art. 6 I 1 a EU GDPR) at any time; we will then not process your personal data any further unless there is legal permission to do so.

An opposition or revocation does not affect the admissibility of data processing in the past.

We shall fulfill the rights to which you are entitled immediately and free of charge. Please contact us or our data protection officer; you will find our contact details at the beginning of this data protection statement.

Finally, according to Art. 77 EU GDPR you have the right to complain to the responsible data protection supervisory authority.

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